Benefits Of Replying Comments On Your YouTube Channel

Engagement is a huge stunning word in the social media world. Brands are always starved for this engagement with the people on every social media network they signed up. But more comments on the brand’s YouTube channel are unanswered still now. It is a primary thing to respond to every comment on your channel of YouTube users. As just like mentioning your brand’s account on Twitter, or a wall post on the Facebook page. Buy YouTube comment likes to improve the audience expectations to watch your content on YouTube. Here are the simple tricks and the benefits of replying to comments for your viewers’ feedback on YouTube channels. 

Let’s jump in. There are:

  1. Authority
  2. Community
  3. Visibility


Replying to every comment on your videos, that are concentrated on the services, products, industries, or companies helps the people more about your channel specialty. If you answer more questions from your audience, the more the audience will return to your content. It raises your channel insights and channel’s authority. It is equally important to start a quality conversation with your audience and respond to every comment on your channel as creating unique and informative content. Answer to every video comment so that people trust your channel more.


Uploading unique and informative content and your audience input helps your community grow as a more valuable asset. Building trust with your audience by replying to their comments, answering their questions, and addressing issues. It is helpful to develop your existing audience and strengthen your future audience. Make a personal sound while replying to the audience comment; it sparks your brand with a feel. Your YouTube audience will be happier if you respond to their feedback instantly. In research, over 85% of the comments are left unanswered on YouTube.


An extra benefit of replying to your audience comment on your YouTube channel is that the conversation leads to raising visibility in YouTube and search results of Google. If your video has more interactions and feedback, YouTube’s algorithm and Google’s algorithm have more value for your video content. This algorithm takes these factors into account, featuring what videos to rank for the specific keyword searches.

For instance, if you search for how to ride a bike on Google or ride a bike on YouTube, street bike video content on YouTube stands first on the result page. Other videos in the search results have more views and engagements but rank lower than the street bike video content with lesser views. It is because of having 60+ comments and over a hundred likes. Street bikes replied to all the comments, helping the users continue to follow their content on YouTube. The search algorithm takes the video comments as an indication of video quality, and it gives top rankings for the specific searches. The more you shine on YouTube and in Google search, the more views that tend to be more visible to your video content. Encourage all your audience’s comments and reply to every comment on your channel to bring visibility to your video content.

Ask viewers to comment on your videos if they like the content or any suggestions for the future presence at the starting of your video content.

All you need to know about buying YouTube likes

YouTube is an online video sharing platform. It is very easy to create a channel on YouTube and start promoting your videos in it. The number of likes determines the factor that people aren’t just watching your videos, but are also liking it. The greater number of likes will ensure that your video gets showed up frequently and people would get to notice your work. 

How to buy YouTube likes? 

Now, that you just can’t rely only on your friends and nearest circle for getting more likes for your video. You need to know about buying YouTube likes.

•    Buy from reliable sources 

Buying YouTube likes is not a big deal until you check the reliability of the source. There are a lot of websites that claim to sell YouTube likes and these mostly chat bots or robots. You need to check the website of the seller and see whether they are genuine. 

•    Compare the prices 

When you are planning to buy YouTube likes, don’t fixate your mind on the first selling site you spot. You need to crosscheck various other similar sites and compare the prices, which are quoted by them. Don’t go with the price alone. See whether the quality of services which are offered by them matches well with the price you are paying. 

•    A site that sells likes from real users 

There are a lot of sites that create fake IDs’. The security measures which are undertaken by YouTube can easily pull down the fake IDs’ in no time. When the fake IDs’ are gone, then the likes are gone. You need to ensure that the site is selling the ID of genuine people and not the fake ones. For this, you need to contact a digital marketing agency that knows how to target the right audience who would be interested in your video. 

•    Read reviews 

When you are about to pay the amount, read the reviews which are posted by the previous clients. Also, not to forget, check whether the client ID is genuine. There are many sites which create ID under different names and post positive reviews about themselves. you can alos buy YouTube comments for videos, It is also pertinent to read the policy of the site before paying a huge sum. Apart from all the steps you take to ensure that you are buying from the right site, it is duly important to take care of the quality of the video. When adding certain elements of emotion to your video, it is sure to fetch more likes. Add some unique factors to the video to garner more likes and also buy YouTube likes for videos from genuine sites.