7 Dynamic Ideas to Create Eye-Catchy Instagram Stories

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.  It has one billion monthly users. The name of Instagram which comes from the word of instant camera and telegram. 

If you want to get more reach on social media, don’t miss the valuable platform Instagram. The hottest part on Instagram is its stories, it appears at the top of the users profile. 

In this arctic, here are 7 dynamic ideas to create eye-catchy stories on Instagram. 

1. Add Effective Background

If you can add some attractive background to your videos or images, you catch more audience attention. If they are like your background, they can share your videos with their Instagram account. 

Here are some tips for applying eye-catchy background:

Choose the photo/video you want to share on Instagram stories

  • Tap the sharing option and upload your stories
  • Click on the drawing cool option
  • Tap the color selection tool and fill the desired color for your story’s background. 
  • Your background color will be updated automatically. 

2. Create Fun Stories With GIFs 

Fun stories are more viral on Instagram, and it always gets a viral reach. So, you can make some fun stories with effective GIFs. It is the most favorite feature on Instagram, and it helps to create a wider reach in a short period. 

3. Share Trending Stories 

Instagram is one of the world’s trendiest platforms, and there are several stories viewed and posted by the users every second. Sharing trends is a great idea to follow hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers. 

If you are a new user to this platform, you can buy Instagram reach to boost video visibility. By this way you will get a chance to receive new followers to your Instagrm profile. One trending content is equal to thousands of viral content. 

4. Use Collage Feature to Add Multiple Photos 

Instagram offers any feature to show your stories in a different style. One of the great features is collage, and it helps to add multiple images at a time. You can use the following trick to add more images to your stories. 

First, you can add the background you want

  • Go to your album and click to copy the image you want to add
  • Go back to the Instagram stories and share the image as a sticker
  • Repeat these two process when you include all the images
  • If you wish, you can rearrange the images and add layout
  • Also, add some captions if needed. 
  • Then upload that post on your Instagram stories page. 

5. Utilize InstagramTV Feature 

Instagram’s standalone video app allows users to create long-form videos for up to one minute. 

It is an excellent way to connect your audience with long form content. Instagram allows any users to set up their channel and share one-minute video content. 

6. Use Instagram Story Takeovers

Story takeover is a great way to build a positive community and get more reach on Instagram. 

It is an excellent feature to take your Instagram stories on other creators or users for the day if you can take over their brand or account. 

You can also ask your friends/followers to take over your Instagram stories for a few hours. They can make funny and engaging stories.

7. Upload Challenges 

Challenge is a great way to get more reach on your Instagram account. It helps to encourage your audience to do something new and different. 

If your challenge is more engaging, your followers can share the challenge on their Instagram account. It is more useful to reach their friends and followers as well. 

Make sure to create challenges that are relevant to your industry and audience niche.