6 Terrific Benefits Of Using IGTV Channel

IGTV is a separate video sharing app that can be used alone or in tandem with Instagram. It is designed especially for mobile-optimized watching of lengthy videos. Anyone can start the IGTV channel on Instagram and begin posting videos on it. It is ultimately beneficial for marketers, content creators to build an engaging audience, connect with their potential customers. Most importantly, you are allowed to upload your video for up to 1 hour. Everyone must try using this platform because video content has become a crucial part of this modern world. Also, video content receives bags of engagement among the audience. The research study shows that people like to share video content with their friends more than any other content.

In this article, let’s see some of the benefits of using IGTV.

Long-Form Content Is Possible 

Before the launch of IGTV to Instagram, people found the biggest drawback in this platform. Creating lengthy videos is not possible on Instagram; it allows only 60 seconds. IGTV has become the most excellent solution for this downside; using this platform; users can create a video for up to one hour. Remember, only if you are a verified user you are allowed for one-hour videos. Normal users, 15 seconds to 15 minutes.  

Enhance Engagement & Increase Your Followers Count 

By uploading engaging videos regularly on the IGTV channel, you can bring more engagement. If your engagement rate increases automatically, exposure to your product will also increase. Moreover, you can visit  https://www.snaphappen.com/ to maximize your reach and audience attention. It helps to gain more new audiences; soon, they will become your follower. So, it turns out to be the perfect place to market your product & services. Trust me; if you use this stage wisely, you can build brand awareness, your sales rate will also increase. 

Increase Your Website Traffic 

The main intention of your marketing is to increase your ROI rate right. With the help of IGTV, you can increase traffic to your site. Sure, your visitors will convert as your customers. On the IGTV platform, you are allowed to add Call-To-Action links to your targeted landing page. 

Reuse Your Great Content 

Through this platform, you are allowed to share old content. In this way, you are giving new life to your old video. You may have great content that is already posted on other platforms, YouTube. By uploading it again on IGTV, you can bring existing viewers to your IGTV channel. It helps to gain more engagement to your channel.

Promote Your Product & Services 

As I mentioned earlier, you can create lengthy videos. By grabbing this opportunity, you can create long-form, engaging videos to promote your business. You have plenty of content ideas to promote your business. You can post product demos, tutorials on how to use your products, share behind-the-scenes content. As with YouTube, you can create a series on your IGTV channel. Also, for series, you can create playlists. In this way, you can share information, facts, and the latest updates about your business. 

It’s Completely New & Shining 

IGTV is still under its growing stage, indicating that you don’t have lots of brands compared with other social media like Facebook and YouTube. It would be best if you dived fast before other brands jump on the bandwagon. Currently, video content becomes more powerful than other content on social media. 

Winding Up

If you are not using IGTV for your business, you are losing so many opportunities to enhance your market. It is time to step into the IGTV channel, create your channel, and start posting videos in it. We believe that this article shows you some of the benefits of using IGTV Channel. 

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.