You might be a great opportunity if your business or brand is not on the Instgaram application nowadays.  Instagram has become the game-changer for any brand and business for the past few years that wants to boost sales and engage with their audiences.  By introducing the various options for any business account of Instagram to interact with their audience, measure, and create stories, Instagram has grown its popularity among its business circle.  

And other social media networks are following the trend as the newest rollout of google web stories and LinkedIn stories. The story is a format that combines stickers, text, videos, or photos in a creative whole. The story lasts for twenty-four hours, and it vanishes if it is saved in highlights or archived or downloaded.  Instagram stories are displayed at the top bar in the mobile application. Stories are the first thing that your Instagram fans and followers will if they open the Instagram application. In addition, Instagram introduced the option “highlights” to ensure you show the archived Instagram stories right on your Instagram profile. 

Stories primarily were created by the social media application Snapchat. If you are thinking about including the Instagram platform in your 2021 marketing strategy, it is a good idea. There are some statistics about Instagram and Instagram stories:

  • Every month more than one billion people use the Instagram application.
  • Daily, five hundred million users Instagram stories.
  • Active daily users spent an average time around twenty-eight minutes on Instagram.
  • Per day two hundred million people visit at least one business profile on Insagram.
  • Every month 130M users on Instagram engage and watch the shopping posts. 
  • The potential advertising reach of Instagram reach goes up to nearly 850M users.
  • The influencers on Instagram are paid per post well between $100  –  $ 2085.

Interestingly, most of the story visits on Instagram are from the non-followers who want to know about the businesses and products on Instagram. This means that people got to the Instagram application to learn more about their products and to discover the businesses. 

In the history of Instagram/Facebook, the Instagram story is one of the most rapidly growing features. Gain more views for your story by buying Instagram story views


The story features of Instagram are discoverable. This means that your stories can be viewed and found by the users who are not following you.  To drive more traffic to your website and expand the reach of your Insagram stories’ content, you can tag or hashtag other brands or people. 


The story format content gives you no ending opportunities for you to engage with your target audience and provide them with high-quality information that they can interact with. 

  • Provide behind the scenes type content
  • For a profile takeover, invite influencers
  • Showcase a trade show or an event your brand or business attended 
  • Provide free tricks and tips
  • Make a “ how-to”  visual tutorial for your products.