How To Make Your Video Stream On TikTok: 5 Best Tips (That Work)

Everyone wants to go viral on TikTok, right. No one can’t stop talking about this platform. Its growth is endless. After this pandemic situation, people of all age groups have entered TikTok and shared various content. So, you can’t say it’s the place for teens to make funny dance or lip-sync. Remember, any kind of content can get popular on TikTok. On the whole, it has to be fun, just it. 

To get viral, you need to understand the current state of TikTok. The TikTok algorithm will display all videos to a small group of people on the “for you” page. It doesn’t matter if you have followers or not when your video went well with that particular person. It will start to push it out in front of a larger audience so that you have more chances to get viral.

Let’s see few actionable tips to stream on the TikTok platform,

Keep Your Video Short  

In case if you have a long story that seriously needs 60 seconds, then go for it. Or, else, don’t drag your video for up to 1 minute. It’s best to create your video as short as possible and to the point. Recently, TikTok researched on average watch time of both short and lengthy videos. In the end, short video won, it has more watch time than long videos. 

Create Your Own Voiceover 

TikTok’s main intention is to show your content in front of the right audience. You can use editing tools, features to tell your video and display it to the targeted audience. Moreover, you can use hashtags and captions to describe your videos. When you use voiceover on your video. By doing this, you can offer them important keywords and additional information about your video. It helps to show your content to the right audience. 

Make Use Of Trending Music Or Sounds  

Create videos on trending music, dialogues will bring more engagement and reach. It helps to attract more new audiences and fans. Moreover, TikTok fans make your account authentic and it influences others to engage with your content. You can use create songs as per your wish. But, TikTok will fill the people’s feed with the trends. This is the reason, that’s why you will get good results with current trending songs. 

Provide Value To Your Content

Not all people on TikTok want entertainment. Some may wish to learn from this platform. Suppose you are well-versed in any of the subjects or topics. Then start to create informational videos to help them. To express the video, use a quick bullet point with text on the screen. As people fond of shopping right, having a chat with your favorite product is an effective way to gain traction. 

Make Your Audience Rewatch By Using Text

You can use simple tactics to make your audience rewatch your videos. Imagine, in a TikTok video, when the text is moving fast, everyone will pause the video to read the text completely, right. So, by doing this, making the audience spends more time on your video. On the other hand, instead of using text in the full video, you can add at the starting of the content. It helps to stay on the video for a longer time. It will increase your average watch time. 


TikTok is one of the ever-lasting social media platforms with more active users. If your objective is to make your video viral, you have to be on the trend. Post frequently, use the right captain and related trending hashtags. Ensure your content is interesting and funny. Well, this article will help you to make your video viral on TikTok.